Carmarthenshire Electoral Reviews

Title: Carmarthenshire Electoral Reviews

Council section(s): Regeneration and Policy

Consultation Period: 05 OCT 2017 00:00 to 27 DEC 2017 00:00.


All Residents


Any Ward/Area

Why are we consulting?

The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales wishes to encourage the general public to make representations and suggestions as part of the process of review.

How to get involved

All representation should be sent to the Local Democracy Boundary Commission for Wales, Hastings House, Fitzalan Court, Cardiff, CF24 0BL or by


Next steps

A summary of every representation the Commission received is published in an appendix in the Commission’s Draft Proposals and Final Proposals reports. 

Supporting Documents

To view all documentation relevant to this review please contact the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales 


Amanda Bebb
Electoral Services Manager
Block 4, Parc Myrddin, Richmond Terrace
SA31 1HQ
01267 228609