Community Asset Transfer

Title: Community Asset Transfer

Council section(s): Environment

Consultation Period: 09 NOV 2017 to 08 DEC 2017 .


All residents, community and voluntary sector groups or Town & Community Councils.



Why are we consulting?

Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of land or buildings from the Council to the stewardship and / or ownership of a local organisation. We believe that community asset transfer is about giving local people greater control in the future of their area and their community. Communities are often best placed to manage facilities in their local environment. They make extensive use of volunteers and their local knowledge and hands-on management of the asset is likely to result in lower overheads and better value-for-money, as well as a more intensive use of the asset.
Two years ago the council’s executive board agreed a package to offer community councils or groups the opportunity to take over the running of facilities in their areas. More than 80 per cent of park and playground facilities have already been transferred or nearing completion under Carmarthenshire County Council’s asset transfer programme. Communities still have time to take over the running of the last remaining parks and playgrounds in Carmarthenshire.

How to get involved

Drop-in sessions were arranged for people wishing to express an interest in taking over management of the remaining facilities with a final transfer deadline of March 31, 2018. These took place between 3 and 7pm at the Aman Centre on Tuesday, October 3, Carmarthen Education Centre on Wednesday, October 4 and at Llanelli Library on Thursday, October 5; however, there is still time for you to get involved.

Consultees can submit their comments via Emily Hughes using the contact details below. Expressions of interest can still also be submitted using the links below.


Download the expression of interest form (.pdf):



Next steps

The feedback we receive from the consultation will be considered as part of an update report to Executive Board in early 2018 to decide on the future of those assets not transferred. The outcome of the decision will be effective from 1st April 2018.

Supporting Documents

Expressions of interest will be welcomed from individuals, community and voluntary sector groups or Town & Community Councils.

You can now complete an expression of interest:


Download the expression of interest form (.pdf):



Emily Hughes
Senior Asset Management
Building 8, St. Davids Park
SA31 3HB
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